'æbsɪs v. cut away, remove

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • abscise — verb (abscised; abscising) Etymology: Latin abscisus, past participle of abscidere, from abs + caedere to cut Date: 1612 transitive verb to separate (as a flower from a stem) by abscission intransitive verb to separate by abscission …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • abscise — /ab suyz /, v.i., abscised, abscising. Bot. to separate by abscission, as a leaf from a stem. [1605 15; < L abscisus cut off (ptp. of abscidere), equiv. to abs ABS + cidere, comb. form of caedere to cut] * * * …   Universalium

  • Amaryllideae — Amaryllis belladonna, Isles of Scilly, UK. Scientific classification Kingdom: Plantae …   Wikipedia

  • abscise — [ab sīz′] vi., vt. abscised, abscising [< L abscisus, pp. of abscidere, to cut off < abs , var. of ab , AB + caedere, to cut: see CIDE] to separate by abscission …   English World dictionary

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